Booty Bootcamp

Class Schedule:

Monday: 5am and 7pm
Tuesday: 5am and 7pm
Wednesday: 5am and 7pm
Thursday: 5am and 7pm
Friday: 5am and 7pm
Saturday: 9am and 12pm
Sunday: 9am and 12pm

Self Defense 717

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is designed to shred body fat and shape your body to be lean and athletic. If you are a person who is serious about seeing changes in their mirror, Dante's Inferno is your program.

- Dante Nash

Mon-Fri: 6am and 7am. Class duration is 45 minutes.

The Program Schedule

Monday: Cardio, Agility
Tuesday: Core Conditioning
Wednesday: Total Body Strength
Thursday: Cardio Conditioning
Friday: Cardio, Plyometric, Agility


$300 monthly (five days a week)
$200 monthly (three days a week)

"Monthly packages" include: Free consultation and customized meal planning, before and after photos.

Drop-in rate: $20/class (does NOT include free consultation or meal planning)