I've had five personal trainers in the last 3 years in San Diego, but training with Jody at Real Deal Fitness has been the most transformational in the shortest amount of time.I came here on a Groupon deal for 10 sessions. I ended up signing up for the full 30-session program (in addition to the 10 Groupon sessions) because I knew that I had found the place I was looking for to get the results I wanted. In addition to the ass-kicking workouts, the real core of the Real Deal fitness program is nutrition... If you're looking to get whipped into shape, this is the place to go. You're going to see results here like you wouldn't see at any other gym, because it's about changing your nutrition and not just your physical activity -- and it really works. Before/after pics to come! - Alex P.

I am beyond grateful to have come across Real Deal Fitness.   For the first time that I can remember, I am finally at a weight that isn't considered obese.  I started at Real Deal fist November 2014 weighing in over 200lbs, and today I am down 55lbs.  My trainer at Real Deal Fitness is Chris, and he has taught me so much and has encouraged me to live a healthy lifestyle.  Every work out is new and challenging, and he pushes you past any limits you have created for yourself.  He teaches you the value of making healthy food choices, and empowers you with the ability to get fit. - Jessika V.

I really enjoy training with Abe at Real Deal Fitness. I have had a lot of different trainers in the past but he is really knowledgeable and experienced in the field. Our sessions are each an hour long, and he often spends a lot of time with me explaining and perfecting my form, and also making sure I am stable enough to do everything. He genuinely cares about me doing the workouts in the right way and I really appreciate that. He also spends a considerable amount of time for stretching after each workout with is key to recovery. I have only the greatest things to say about training at Real Deal, especially with Abe, and really enjoy the facility and equipment they have. I am going to join their 60 day challenge which starts around the holidays and am really excited to get in even better shape!! - Crystal B.

I would recommend Chris to ANYONE! I have been working with Chris for the past 3 months, 3 times a week and he has been the first trainer that I have worked with which I can honestly say I look forward to our workouts each time (even if they are at 5 am). I have worked with 3 trainers in the past and with in the first 2 weeks, Chris got me better results that I had with all past trainers combined. He combines cardio with endurance training and diet rather then using weights that bulk me up. I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life and get compliments daily on my progress. Since starting I have lost 18 lbs, I no longer use an inhaler, I can run for 5 miles, and I have a much better understanding about the food that I put into my body and how my body can process it. I feel 100% comfortable with Chris and know that I am in the best hands possible for long term results. I think EVERY one should meet Chris and find out how great he is for themselves. 100% in 100% out. -Devan B.

I've worked with both Chris and his newest employee, Amanda Schenk. They are both great at what they do! Chris is awesome and motivating. He helped me lose 10 pounds. He really gets your heart rate working and I feel healthier than I ever have since coming to Real Deal Fitness. Amanda and I started working together and that is when I started gaining some of that muscle I now see and feel all over my body. Both of them can do it all and know how to meet the needs of each individual client. It has been great working out with them. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get in shape at any age and stage of life. These two really know what they Are doing. The prices are very reasonable also. I've poked into other places and haven't found anything cheaper for the time and dedication I receive when I work out with Real Deal Fitness - Brittany B.

If you really want it Chris will help you achieve it! He's the best trainer. I saw visible results in the first month. The overall experience was worth the time, cost and effort. Chris will work with you every step of the way! I am very happy with my results. - Ann S.

Like many other people that are in relationships, you tend to let yourself go. I mean, you found the person you're going to be with for the rest of your life, so you can stop trying to look good, right? That's what my mentality was like. When I got married in 2011 I was at my heaviest. Near the end of 2012 my husband and I got personal training sessions with Chris Preston. After lots of tough workouts and clean eating, I lost 31 pounds in 90 days. My husband lost 43 pounds in 90 days. Sounds crazy, I know. Chris not only helped me with my fitness but he helped me with my nutrition. There were no protein shakes or supplements involved. Just clean, normal eating -- meat, veggies, fruit, and yes, even carbs! I have started working out again with Chris because I didn't quite reach my exact goal. I started another 90 day challenge with him about a month ago and since then I have lost another 12 pounds. I have only 12 more pounds to go until I reach my goal! Working with Chris at Real Deal Fitness has changed my life. If you are REALLY serious about losing weight or reaching a certain goal, this is definitely the place to be. My weight loss journey has not ended and it's not easy! BUT, you get results if you listen and work hard! -Nicole P.

Working out with Chris has been awesome! I'm losing inches like crazy. He makes me accountable and is incredibly motivating. I'm almost through the 90 day transformation, and it's just what I needed before getting married and taking wedding photos that I will looking at for the rest of my life. - Kate D.

I came to Chris because I'm in the Navy and my weight on the scale needed to get under control. Who better to handle that problem than a retired Senior Chief? And one who trained at Boot Camp as well. I'm not talking about some Boot Camp gym class. I mean actual Boot Camp at Recruit Training Command. I joined up with the Groupon (10 sessions for $50) and it was extremely tough. Chris is an advocate of whole, natural foods. He does more than just train you. He makes himself available to you if you have questions along the way. He strictly monitors your diet. And he does not advocate anything synthetic. No pills. No gimmicks. If you fall off the wagon (which I did on a few occasions), he picks you right back up again. He can challenge you in whatever way you need. I personally prefer mind-blowingly difficult workouts with someone screaming at me. That doesn't have to be your training session. You get out of it whatever you want. The great part is, the longer you go, the more of a camaraderie you build between you, Chris, and the other people at the gym. You starts to build friendships. And every time you want to eat that cookie, you think about the a#$* beating you'll get from Chris the next day. Chances are you'll put it down. It's a lifestyle, not a quick fix. I highly recommend Real Deal Fitness. It IS the real deal. - Maia R.

If you are serious about getting into shape and living life to its fullest, I would recommend Chris to you. He is a complete professional with an inspiring attitude that makes you want to meet your goals. Chris helped me lose 45lbs in 3 months! His caring demeanor and positive outlook really helped me stay on track and accomplish my weight loss target. - Tammy S.

I've had a great experience working out with Chris at Real Deal. I came to him because I was bored with my regular cardio routine and wanted to build my overall strength. I ended up using muscles I never knew I had! He starts off with a workout & nutrition analysis which gave me a much better understanding of my metabolism and what my healthy diet should consist of. He records weight and body measurements to keep track of progress... those numbers are a great workout motivation tool :) Chris was very flexible with scheduling, consistently motivating, and managed to guide me through strenuous workouts that I wouldn't be able to complete on my own. I Left every session feeling great. Highly recommend!! - Dave and JM T.

I am so happy I met Chris at a local farmers' market five weeks ago. We started talking about health and fitness and he asked me what I did to keep in shape. I told him I had two gym memberships and a treadmill in my garage. He then asked how that was working out for me? Well since I had packed on 15 pound on my five two frame in the last year I had to look at him and honestly reply, "Um, not very well." I took his card because I liked his personality and his military background. I met with him for my free consult a few days later. He took my measurements and body fat and all the fun stuff but I was not one bit embarrassed because Chris has a style that you can truly feel he wants to help you and he is NOT judging you and that he cares. I can't put my finger on it exactly but I just knew I was making the right choice in him. I signed up for a ten session package ( and his prices are insanely reasonable, I hesitate to write this in case it spurs him on into raising them .) He also has this weird habit of giving me free stuff to help me in my weight loss journey like sweat shirts and ugly blue plastic pants that help my legs slim down. Free? He is just like that. Ok, so first work out... Wow ,is this what a work out is supposed to be like? My heart rate up the entire hour as he monitored it, and a sweat. A sweat? When was the last time I sweated at the regular gym as I goofed around and talked to my friends? This was a real work out. Bigger loser style, no BS, his knowledge mixed with my pain and his humor and I loved it. (it's a good pain, don't be a baby.) He had my do a bunch of different exercise sets and the variety keep me from being bored but were challenging to say the least. Challenging but also fun. Fun because Chris has a great personality but he doesn't waste time chit chatting but he knows when you want to quit and then he will tell a joke or say something to make me smile and then I want to keep going and not let myself or Chris down. I just finished my 5th week and ten sessions on Monday... I have lost over ten pounds and a lot of inches. I can finish cardio workouts now that just five weeks ago were almost impossible. I am so grateful I met Chris because I know I will be stronger, healthier, wiser and skinnier because of his help and knowledge and great spirit. I am writing this because he is a gem, don't waste your time with a novice.... He is a pro and knows how to get you to your goals. But you have to show up. - Michelle P.

Chris is an excellent trainer and kind man. I work with his clients in making their suits... I highly recommend Real Deal Fitness for anyone wanting a healthy lifestyle change. - Aggie G.

Wish I would give more stars! I've been working out with Chris for 6 weeks, and I've never known a better trainer! I love that he began with an assessment of my goals - you don't train the same for general fitness, as for running, etc. With a goal in mind we took a hard look at where I was & made some specific choices about diet. He actually has me eating breakfast! Then came the workout sessions! Chris varies the routine, keeps me moving & motivated. I was pretty accustomed to a gym routine, but let me say this is nothing like moving from machine to machine! This is the best workout I've ever done. Period. Am I seeing results? You bet! I've lost weight. More importantly to me my strength, endurance & even my balance have improved! Chris is a dream to work with. He does his best to accommodate my schedule, takes the time to listen to my concerns, and pumps me up! I found Real Deal Fitness and Chris via Living Social, decided to go for it, and could not be more pleased! - Eddie M.

Customer service is right on point so far. I have only dealt with the Real Deal 4 times but so far they remain professional and really nice. - Maz A.

Had my first training session with Chris today and it was awesome! The workout kicked my butt, which is exactly what I needed! He is a great motivator and coach! Plus with his nutrition advice I lost 2lbs just after the consultation before the physical training even started! I can't wait to continue and see the final results! I definitely recommend Chris as a trainer to anyone who wants to get in shape and feel good about themselves! - Sarah B.

Real Deal Fitness is the best. I work in the same complex as the gym. My co-worker had been working out here and loved it, so my other co-worker and I decided to give it a try. They give you one week free. I was skeptical at first since I am a huge workout DVD fan, Supreme 90 Day to be exact. I didn't really expect to be sore or anything, but I was wrong! You work different muscles each day. Bootcamp is three days a week. Tuesday is a bit of cardio and strenght training, Wednesday is strength training and Thursday is mostly intense cardio. Every workout is different so you never get bored. I like workout DVDs, but it is so hard to motivate myself to do them. At Real Deal, there are only like 6-10 people in a class and the trainers are amazing! You have group support as well as support from your trainer. You pay month to month, and it comes out to less than $10 a class. You really can't beat that! - Madison T.

Trainee General Orders

I will not quit.

I will take responsibility for the food and drink I put into my body.

If I cheat, I am only hurting myself.

I will be honest with myself, and honest with my trainer.

I will do my best.


Our facility is available by appointment only.


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